American Society of Papyrologists Summer Institute 2022, University of Cincinnati

Co-instructor by invitation. I helped introduce a group of graduate students with a range of interests in ancient history to the study of manuscript documents on papyrus. In an intensive month-long program, I developed and co-led lectures, discussion, and guided research, hosted at the world-class library of the University of Cincinnati. Hybrid instruction accommodated students in person and joining remotely. A highlight of the course was directing the first-hand work of the students with original papyri on loan from the renowned collection of the University of Michigan.

Lectures in papyrology, 2019 & 2020, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Lecturer. Introduced students (graduates and advanced undergraduates) of ancient history to documentary papyrology. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I adapted the 2020 version of the lectures to a hybrid learning model, with attention to digital tools for the study of papyri.  The papyri ranged in date from the earliest Greek-language evidence in Egypt to the 7th century CE. Documents from the Near East were also included for a comparative perspective. 

Introduction to Ancient Greek, 2012, University of California, Berkeley

Instructor. Introduced undergraduate students of all levels to the writing, morphology, and grammar of ancient Greek. Activities included readings in original texts and modern inscriptions around the Berkeley campus.

Latin Prose Composition, 2013, University of California, Berkeley

Instructor. Introduced advanced undergraduates and graduates to the art of expressing themselves in Latin as a way of understanding the artistry of ancient Roman authors.